Runescape 3 Farm run

Armour interface

Aura slot Green finger's aura > Nothing
Head slot Modified Farmer's hat > Farmer's hat > Nothing
Pocket slot Statue collecting bag > Nothing
Cape slot Ardougne cape > Skill cape > Nothing
Amulet slot Nothing
Ammo slot Tirannwn Quiver > Nothing
Weapon slot Nothing
Body Slot Farmer's jacket > Nothing
Shield slot Nothing
Legs Slot Farmer's legwear > Nothing
Gloves Slot Farmer's cuffs > Nothing
Boots Slot Farmer's boots > Nothing
Ring Slot Ring of Duelling

Inventory Interface

6x Wood Tree's Magic Tree* > Yew Tree > Maple tree > Willow Tree
7x Fruit Tree's Palm Tree* > Papaya Tree > Pineapple plant > Curry Tree
1x Special Tree Calquat Tree
Tree care 105x Papaya fruit* > 70x Pineapples > 70 Watermelons > 35 Baskets of Banana's*
1x Varrock teleport 1x Law Rune , 1x Fire rune , 3x Air rune
1x Lumbrige teleport 1x Law Rune , 1x Earth rune , 3x Air rune
2x Faldor teleport 1x Law Rune , 2x Water rune , 3x Air rune
3x Priffidinas Teleport 1x Crystal teleport seed (3)
1x Herblore Habitat Teleport 1x juju teleport bag
* = not worth it!

Important thing to know before doing a farm run!

- Make sure you deposited 255 super compost at the Tool leprechaun, you can do this with noted Super compost.
- Make sure you paid the Tool leprechaun to automatically add supercompost to your patch.
- Make sure you have all tools stored in your toolbelt and/or at the Tool leprechaun.
- Paying for wood tree's will cost more money on the long run, only pay for fruit tree's.

The Tree farming run

Click the steps to show pictures
1. Teleport to Lumbrige and run to the Wood Tree(1) to the north of the castle.
2. Teleport to Varrock and run to the Wood Tree(2) inside the castle courtyard.
3. Teleport to Falador and run to Wood tree(3) inside the park.
4. Teleport to Falador and run to the Taverley Wood tree(4).
5. Use your Ring of dueling to teleport to Mobilizing armies and use the Spirit tree to Tree Gnome Stronghold, from there run to the Fruit tree(1).
6. From the Fruit tree(1) run towards the Wood Tree(5) just south.
7. Run back towards the Spirit tree and use the Spirit tree to teleport to the Tree Gnome Village.
8. Run towards the gate and squeeze past it, follow elkoy outside and go to the Fruit tree(2).
9. Use your Home teleport to teleport to the Karamja lodestone, run south towards the Calquat tree(1).
10. Run from the Calquat tree(1) towards the Fruit tree(3) North of the Lodestone.
11. Use your Home teleport to teleport to the Catherby lodestone, run east towards the Fruit tree(4).
12. Use the juju teleport bag to teleport to the Herblore Habitat, run south (past the vine) to the Fruit tree(5).
13. Use your crystal teleport seed to teleport to Lletya, run south-east to the Fruit tree(6).
14. Use your crystal teleport seed to teleport to Meilyr (Priffddinas), run north to the Fruit tree(7).
15. Use your crystal teleport seed to teleport to Trahaearn (Priffddinas), run south to the Wood tree(6).
Lumbridge tree
Varrock tree
Falador tree
Taverley tree
Tree Gnome Stronghold Fruit tree
Tree Gnome Stronghold Wood tree
Tree Gnome Village teleport
Tree Gnome Village Fruit tree
Karamja Calquat
Karamja Fruit tree
Catherby Fruit tree
Herblore habitat Fruit tree
Lletya Fruit tree
Meilyr Fruit tree
Trahaearn tree
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