We have launched the up-to-date use of helping you in your rs game
With technology's like HTML5, Ajax and Google maps we will provide a better experience with helping you with clues, information and other rs related stuff
RS related websites still use the old 'image' way to display content but why waste your time when you can display all that information on a google maps or without even reloading a webpage is based to give you the best Mobile experience as possible.

This website is under heavy development. Any problems can be reported through the Contact page.

Module Progress ToDo list
Website 40% completed
  • Make a new template
  • Add some more stuff(footer,copyrights,list for info)
Username lookup 60% completed
  • Runescape Stats
  • Runescape achievement diary
  • Last know searches(webcache)
Item lookup 5% completed
  • Most sold items section
  • Most valuable items section
  • Price rises section
  • Price falls section
  • Graph per item
Clue helper 80% completed
  • Add Scan clues
  • Add Simple clues
  • Add Compass clues
  • Add Map clues
  • Add Rewards
Worldmap 40% completed
  • Ability to show lodestone markers
  • Ability to show teleport location markers & info how (duel ring/ring of wealth)
  • Remember last known location per user
Calculators 0% completed
  • All skills calculators
  • Money making calculators
  • Portables calculators
  • Adjustable Bonus xp modifier
Contact 10% completed
  • Ability to contact me
Contact Me